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August 09, 2020 2:15AM
August 09, 2020 2:15AM

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Browser Tips for your Best Experience with Bill Pay on works best with the latest desktop versions of Google® Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Microsoft Internet Explorer®.
Here are a few advantages of using the newest version of your browser:

  • Security: Updating your browser can better protect you and your information while you're online
  • Speed: Every browser update also improves browsing speed
  • Experience: Using the latest version of your browser ensures that you're experiencing our site’s functionality and features to the fullest

Learn more about browsers and check what version you are currently using at

Tablets and Smartphones

While is optimized for tablets and smartphone, we are working on upgrading the bill pay portal to be easier to use on your mobile devices.

Pleaser remember that your mobile device will work best if you have the latest versions of Apple iOS and use the Mobile Safari browser and when Android devices use the mobile version of Google Chrome.

In the event that your mobile device of choice is not compatible with our website,  we recommend that you access using a desktop or laptop computer.

Other Browsers

If you use non-supported browsers, such as Safari, Opera, COX, AOL, and older versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. you may experience performance issues with some parts of the website.

Internet Explorer Compatibility View Issues

If you use an older version of Internet Explorer and you are experiencing problems, such as out-of-place menus, images, and text boxes, it could be a Compatibility View issue. Find the Compatibility View button on the Address bar. Learn more about Compatibility View.

How to Disable Add-ons

Sometimes browser issues are due to browser Add-ons. To learn how to determine if you have an Add-on issues please visit the appropriate browser link:


The IRWD website uses HTML5. To understand which browsers support HTML5 please visit

How to Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes web browsers will not act correctly due to issues with the browser Cache. To learn more, please see this document.

For Assistance with your Account

If you have questions or are still having technical issues logging into your account, please contact us at or 949-453-5300 during regular business hours.